Sunday, 6 July 2008

Hustle, Bustle and Thankfulness

This week in our household will be very busy. We'll have two teenage girls and two pre-teen boys all playing in the Kanga Cup (a soccer competition) each day. That will mean heaps of cooking (have menu, am sort of organised); washing jerseys, shorts, track pants and socks each day (and getting them dry!); transportation to, from and between venues; as well as general management of people that age. I'll be at work, but my darling partner will be on "holidays" and doing the ferrying around and people management. Oh, and did I mention that it is predicted to rain each day (with maxima from 9C to 13C) and we are a one-bathroom household with no clothes drier? OMG! LOL (hyserically)!

Well, this afternoon I gave my self a small respite from frantic preparation activity and went for a walk. As I came near to a poplar, I noticed it hadn't yet fully lost its leaves (they are normally totally bare this time of year in Canberra). As I passed, a breeze rustled its leaves and it seemed to be saying, "calm down, relax, take your time, enjoy the moment". I do try to take each day as it comes and to appreciate each of the little surprises and challenges a day can bring. But sometimes, just sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of life, I forget. Thank you, Poplar, for reminding me.

It all comes back to that old saying about life being a journey, not a destination. Hope you can take some time this week to enjoy the little pleasures that life's journey has to offer, in all their guises.

love and light


Cheryl said...

You are a very wise woman naturewitch....hope the week goes well.

Have left some info re teasels on my blog.

Pam said...

When my household was at this stage, I had a row of ancient old gum trees along a certain street that I felt acknowldeged me with sympathy on my sanity walks. It took a while to get to them,but each one individually soothed me as I went past.Eucalyptus therapy I'd say, so it goes without saying your Poplar makes perfect sense to me.And from one woman to another regarding your busy schedule...remember,'this too will pass'.Good luck!

Anonymous said...

A timely reminder NW. At work I need to operate in the "destination" mode, I have to constantly remind myself that when I finish work its the "journey" mode :)