Sunday, 12 October 2008

Economy = Ecology

Isn't it interesting that at a time when we are increasingly concerned about climate change and sustainable living, that world economies are also beginning to collapse? Coincidence? I don't think so!

We humans have been living far beyond our means, both ecologically and economically, for far too long. Over-consumption has replaced the connectedness we have with Mother Earth and spirit and is rapidly driving us towards ecological and economic bankruptcy.

Many people today have hungry souls and instead of using spiritual food to feed their souls, they are using physical food and rampant consumerism. The trouble is, that by using the wrong sort of fuel for our souls, we are constantly looking for more and so the problem continues.

So, what can we do to address this issue?

Well, I garden and try to grow as much of my food as possible, even though it would undoubtably be easier for me to buy it in the supermarket (especially with my current work/study/home juggle). The reasons I try to grow much of my and my family's food are many - I
  • enjoy eating good quality food
  • like to know where my food came from
  • want to reduce my "food miles"
  • believe that those to whom much is given (and we in Australia have truly been given a lot!) have a responsibility to look after those resources
  • wish to preserve and develop the knowledge-base of sustainable living skills
  • want to show others they can do the same
  • love the connection it gives me to Mother Earth, nature and spirit
Apart from this, consciously choosing what we consume has led to a reduction in consumption. I am not content to mindlessly shop for things I do not really need. I am not happy to leave lights or appliances on merely for convenience and I choose to handwater my garden and re-use as much water as possible, rather than use convenient systems which consume much more water.

I am by no means perfect and still have a larger environmental and economic footprint than is sustainable - we live in a residence that might house a few families in other parts of the world and I still enjoy indulgences such as chocolate and television.

But I will continue on this journey. Once you start on a journey like this there is no turning back. Once your consciousness has been raised, you cannot become "unconscious". There are many of us taking a similar path - thank you for your company on this journey.

love and light


Mist said...

Astute observation, Naturewitch!

Cheryl said...

You are not alone naturewitch....I am walking beside you.....

I to am not living the perfect life but I am conscious of what I need to do and like you have put many things in place to help Mother Earth......

A wonderful post......

Dixiebelle said...

Great post... hoping to read more of your blog too. Very insightful and helpful! Thank you..

naturewitch said...

Hi Mist and Dixiebelle
Welcome to my blog. Have visited yours and will definitely be back! xx

Hey Cheryl
I suspect you and I are very alike in our views. Isn't it great to find like-minded people just a mouse click away? love and light

molly said...

We borrow this planet from future generations, I agree NW, ppl use money to try and find what only their soul can provide....true happiness.


Wendy said...

Isn't that interesting, I have been having similar thoughts - about our economy and ecology.
I wondered if anybody else was making those connections.

I'm walking with you too. And teaching my children and grandchildren how precious Mother Earth is.

BTW - wanted to tell you that I made your date loaf (the one you posted a while ago). It was delicious! I couldn't find the same gluten-free flour here in Canada (there are other brands, but I chose to do something different). I made my own oat flour by grinding up rolled oats and used some rice flour too. Everything else was the same and it really was delicious. Will make it again! Thank you.

naturewitch said...

Hey Molly and Wendy

Glad to have you both along as fellow travellers. xx