Sunday, 5 April 2009

Yesterday's Adventure

Yesterday, a friend of mine ran a gorgeous workshop - How to do an Aromatherapy Facial.

It was absolutely delicious and the very best facial I have ever experienced. We also learnt how to make a few products.

Now that I know how to do one, friends around Canberra can expect to receive these for pressies. ;)

For those of you in Canberra looking for a lovely body work therapist in Canberra, have a look at Vanessa's website:

Apparently, her hot stone massage is divine. I'm thinking of booking one for my birthday coming up soon.

love and light


Wendy said...

Looks fabulous! Too bad I'm so far away.
I hope you do have a hot stone massage. I had one as a gift from my children for my birthday last year. Heavenly!

naturewitch said...

Hi Wendy
Thanks - will definitely be trying the hot stone massage. Everyone seems to rave about them. xx

Cheryl said...

Hi Naturewitch......I had an aromatherapy facial around a year ago....and I agree with you it is relaxing......the sort of thing you could get used to (if you could afford it)......

naturewitch said...

Hi Cheryl
Now I have to show a couple of girlfriends (or get them to do the workshop) and then we can swap facials! A perfect little bit of frugal pampering. xx