Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Ah, Spring!

Outside in the early morning

The others still tucked up in bed

Picking lettuce and rocket for our lunches

My breath of fresh air before the busy week begins.

The kale, which has fed us so beautifully over winter

Is heading upwards now, soon to flower

To provide food for the bees.

The first couple of broad beans

Not enough for a meal

But a contribution to a stir fry.

Breathe in deeply, feeling the cool air rush into lungs

Too long kept in the stuffy inside air

There's nothing like the clean fragrant air of spring

With promises of all that is to come.

Ah, Spring!

love and light


dixiebelle said...

Lovely... Spring is such an inspiring, refreshing time of year, isn't it!

Anonymous said...

That garden of yours is looking fab NW, and I just know you will collect those kale seeds :)

naturewitch said...

Hi dixiebelle
Yes, it's certainly a time to wake up and shake off the cobwebs! xx

Hi molly
The beauty about blogging is that you only see the parts of the garden suitable for publication - believe me, theer are plenty of weeds yet to pulled. And of course, I'll collect the kale seeds - they are Red Russian and very yummy. xx