Sunday, 27 April 2008

Back at Home

Been on holiday for the last couple of weeks, enjoying the sun and surf at the Gold Coast. Great fun, but sooo good to be home.

While we've been away Autumn has well and truly arrived in the garden. Most of the summer crops are now dying back and I'm not certain if the cold weather will hold off long enough for the maize to crop - guess I'll have to get it in the ground earlier next season.

Good news - some lettuce and Asian vege seedlings have emerged and the winter brassicas and beets continue to do well. My herb seedlings are continuing to grow, too. I'm leaving a couple of mega zucchinis on the bush to see if they ripen fully so I can save the seed for next season. Surprise in the garden - a little artichoke plant, which must have come up from some artichokes I let go to seed more than a year ago! Oh, and our one pumpkin from a self-sown vine this year was ready to pick when we got back, along with a heap more tomatoes - pumpkin and tomato soup anyone?

Have a herb exam to study for now, but will try to post later on this week.

love and light

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Hedgewitch said...

how lovely to have surprise veg to come home too!

love reading your blog.. looking forward to coming back often :-)