Monday, 8 September 2008

Pics from the Garden

I snuck out into the garden this afternoon after class and took a few snaps to show you.

In the vege patch
Here are the snowpeas ready to get climbing. They are Yakumo Giant snowpeas and they can get as long as 12cm or so and still be lovely and tender.
The unidentified leafy green, which I think is English spinach. Its leaves are thicker than usual. Consulting my open seed packets reveals it may be Mediana variety.

The artichokes are really getting ready to go forth and multiply when the warmer weather hits.

And you can see the baby beets around them, gradually getting chubbier and ready to munch.

But what has been eating my baby artichoke?

And here's one of my purple asparagus seedlings. Doesn't look very purple at the moment, but it does have quite a way to go . . .

Meanwhile in the herb garden
The Tarragon is just peeking through after its winter sleep . . .

And Yarrow has produced some babies!

Sweet Violet has just started to bloom . . .

And Melissa is growing under cover of last year's growth, yet to be removed.

The Applemint is creeping outwards . . .

And Pennyroyal is consorting with some mint (haven't worked out who just yet)!

Lovely Angelica has survived the winter thus far

And Rocket's in flower

Next to a self-sown seedling

And here's the first Comfrey leaf of the season

Over to the fruit trees
The nectarine is in blossom . . . .

And the quince is about to burst into leaf

For the soul
Gorgeous, fragrant blooms - Daphne, Jonquil (Erlicheer) and Hyacinth - what a lovely trio!

Hope you enjoyed your little visit to my garden.

love and light


TheCrone said...

That spinach looks like one of my perpetual spinach.

Gorgeous pics NW!

naturewitch said...

But I don't think I had seeds of that . . . serves me right for not poking a little sign into the ground :)

Cheryl said...

I loved my visit to your garden, an absolute delight naturewitch......
your blooms took me back to spring.....and I was is such a joy to communicate with someone on the other side of the planet.....tku....

plantainpatch said...

Great pics. Your garden looks awesome and your cats are just gorgeous! Thank you for stopping by my blog.

pheonix_Dawn said...

thank you so much for letting me peek into your garden. I am soo looking foward to spring here Is tarragon an perinial? just wondering I love herbs but I like stuff that comes back every yr and is more maintance free. Just here waiting for spring Thanks for sharing sweetie!