Sunday, 7 September 2008

This Weekend in the Garden

I didn't get done anywhere near what I had wanted, but the snow peas are now weeded, hilled and mulched, with a few parsnip seeds and carrot seeds planted to keep them company. I also managed to put some wire between the stakes we put in a little while ago, so they now have a trellis to climb as they grow.

Excitement set in last week as I noticed that the purple asparagus seed I planted a few weeks ago has mostly germinated. Today I counted 44 baby asparagus plants, out of 65 seeds sown. Given they are just emerging (the tallest one would only be about 15mm high), I'm hoping for more little asparagus babies over the next few weeks.

Didn't do quite so well on the artichoke front. To date, only three seedlings have appeared, but there's still time for more. The seed was over a year out of date, so I'll try some fresh seed and see how that goes. Meanwhile, in other parts of the garden, the artichokes are growing well, so I'm sure we'll have heaps of artichokes to eat later in the season.

Wandering around, I noticed a couple of leafy green plants in one of the beds. Unfortunately, when sowing the seed I didn't label it, so was not so sure what it was. It looks like spinach, but maybe it's some sort of turnip? A quick feel underground reveals no tuber; a quick munch reveals spinach. Wish I could remember what type it was; I think it was something a bit different. The leaves are thicker than usual, but just as yummy. It's now three hours later and I haven't dropped off my perch, so I'm guessing it's OK.

The potatoes I planted about a month ago when I was planting the kiwi fruit have now made an appearance. They get a bit of protection where they are, so I'm hoping they will be OK if we get any late frosts.

Checking on the carrots led to three lovely long ones being pulled up and grated for lunch, alongside one of our winter lettuces. The beets are coming on and I must start pulling up some of the larger baby beets to thin the rows out for the others.

Apart from all that, the deciduous herbs are starting to wake up, with one of the comfrey plants, a French tarragon and some of the mints sporting green leaves again. It won't be long now before spring really will have sprung!

love and light


TheCrone said...

Pics, pics! I want pics!

Well done with the purple asparagus. I am yet to plant my seeds :o it's probably too late now.

Anonymous said...

The garden sounds like it is taking off. If the spinich has thicker leaves than normal it may be a foodhook giant?


Cheryl said...

Hi Naturewitch....I was there with you walking your plot....sounds great.....all those healthy veggies.....
Autumn has arrived here....I still find it strange to read your blog and you are talking spring.....


Wendy said...

Yup - I'm with Cheryl. It sounds funny to be reading about spring when we're just getting into autumn.
Your garden sounds wonderful - would like to hop over to see it. LOL!

naturewitch said...

Dear All
Some pics are now up in the latest post - enjoy!

Hi Crone
I'm going to try planting some more asparagus seeds here, but not sure about WA. Give it a go with some seed and reserve the rest for next winter if you are worried.

Hi Molly
Tis English spinach, rather than silverbeet, but I think I might have cracked it - open seed packets are a bit of a clue ;)

Hi Cheryl and Wendy
Although spring is exciting, I love autumn, too. I keep thinking of the goodies your gardens will be producing right now and my preserving biorhythms start up. Hope you have a bountiful harvest to keep you and your companions fed this winter..

love and light