Saturday, 13 December 2008

Glace Fruit for Christmas

I promised this recipe a while ago and here it is. If you are quick (ie, start this today or tomorrow), you'll have these for Christmas.

Glace Fruit

Use good quality tinned or bottled fruit. Pineapple chunks or rings, plums, sliced and halved peaches and halved apricots are all suitable.

This should be prepared by dissolving the sugar in the liquid and then bringing it to the boil.

Fruit needs to soak for a full 24 hours (or multiple thereof) at each stage, so try to find a time each day you can reliably tend to your fruit. You’ll need 5-10 minutes for each type of fruit (unless you process them simultaneously).

What you’ll need
· Fruit
· Sugar
· Heat proof containers (eg, pyrex dishes)
· Saucepan for making syrup

What to do
The following quantities are given for an 825g (29oz) fruit. For a 440g (16oz) tin, halve the quantities.

Day 1
Drain off syrup from can or bottle and make up (with water) to 600ml (1 pint). Arrange fruit in a heat proof container. Place liquid in saucepan with 500g (8oz) sugar, dissolve and bring to the boil. Pour hot syrup over fruit. Soak for 24 hours.

Day 2
Drain off syrup and place in saucepan. Add 125g (4oz) sugar, dissolve and bring to the boil. Pour hot syrup over fruit. Soak for 24 hours.

Day 3
Repeat Day 2. Soak for 24 hours.

Day 4
Repeat Day 2. Soak for 24 hours.

Day 5
Drain off syrup and place in saucepan. Add 180g (6oz) sugar and dissolve. Add the fruit to the saucepan and bring to the boil. Boil for 3-4 minutes, then return the lot to the heatproof container. Soak for 48 hours.

Day 7
Repeat Day 5. Soak for 4 days.
Note: The syrup will be quite thick by this stage and the fruit can be left in for longer than 4 days if desired – up to 2 or 3 weeks.

Day 11
Dry in the oven at lowest setting (about 40-50C or 120F) or in a food dehydrator until quite dry. You may need to turn the fruit 2 or 3 times.

The quantity of sugar can be replaced with a 50/50 mix of sugar and glucose or sugar and honey.
The syrup left after the fruit is finished is quite sweet and fruity. It can be used as a topping on pancakes or ice-cream, or perhaps as a mixer in New Year’s cocktails.


love and light


belinda said...

What can I say ...

You are absolutely awesome. It is too late for this year for me as my recipient is interstate and there wouldn't be enough time for postage but he will love it next year.

Kind Regards

Cheryl said...

What a lovely idea.......did you have to leave it so late naturewitch...

How are your bees......doing well I hope??

Sage said...

Might have to have a go at that as it would be neat to provide my own glace fruit for next year's mince pies...

yes please, can we have an update on your bees?

Kel said...

ohh great-will remember this for next year - its killing me being away from home at this time of the year and missing the cherries etc that only come at this time of year and doing all my usual kitchen fun. enjoy!

naturewitch said...

Dear All

Terribly sorry this recipe was so late; just got caught up doing things after my exam.

You could still have some done for New Year if you like and there's birthdays and such for those people especially fond of these sweet treats.

Oh and a bee post coming up xx