Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Food Forest Fun

This morning, when I should have been finishing my presentation for tomorrow morning's class, I escaped into the garden. It was simply too beautiful a day to be cooped up inside staring at a computer screen.
And there was the rest of the strawberries to plant. These runners have been languishing in a dilute solution of seaweed extract for about six weeks now. They've been outside under the mega kale leaves, so they've been aclimatised. They've survived remarkably well and are now happily nestled in the beginnings of our food forest.

I planted and mulched to the accompaniment of bees buzzing, blue wrens singing and magpies carolling. It was simply divine.

So here's a couple more pictures of our fledgling food forest. The stepping stones are four pavers placed closely enough so that we don't have to stand on any plants. But in between the trees and the pavers will be solidly planted.
I've sprinkled lemon balm and borage seeds in between the strawberry runners. These will provide food for the bees, as well as herbs for me.

Elsewhere in the garden, the rocket, the broccoli and some Chinese cabbages are in flower, adding a little variety to the bees' current feast on plum, nectarine and peach blossom.

love and light


Cheryl said...

Hi Naturewitch....now tell me is that your hay mulch?? I am very interested in this.....it may be something for me to try next year instead of my normal mulch.....

What a perfect morning.....I love your bees....my neighbour has honey bees now and they are in my gardens most of the time. It is just amazing to see them everywhere.

I expect you are looking forward to the summer and all it has to offer.......

naturewitch said...

Hi Cheryl

That is indeed my hay mulch. It is lucerne, so is quite green when you first put it on, but it turns brown in the sun. I've just put it on lightly around the strawberries for now, but will make it deeper when they grow up a bit. It adds nitrogen to the soil as it breaks down, so is quite a good choice for fruit and veges.

The bees are beautiful. One of the guard bees was buzzing around my head when I was working close to the hive, but soon realised I wasn't a bear come foraging and left me to it. It's a delght to let veges go to flower in the garden now, just to provide them food.

Soo nice that it is starting to warm up; very much looknig forward to spring and summer. xx

Anonymous said...

Looking good NW, love the idea of the herbs throughout! Food forests are such fun!

naturewitch said...

Hi Molly
The herbs are primarily for the bees; I mean how many borage or lemon balm plants does a girl need? But I'm looking forward to watching it all develop. xx