Saturday, 5 September 2009

I Love Soapnuts!

After seeing Molly's post on soapnuts, I decided to buy some - I got mine from Eaternal. The service was terrific and the soapnuts arrived in a couple of days after ordering.

Today I did my first big wash with the soapnuts and they are absolutely fabulous! Everything came out clean and bright and the wash water went out on to the garden. I did my usual trick of saving and re-using the "suds", which further reduced the amount of water needed.

This morning we also worked out a plan to convert our raised garden beds into wicking beds, so hopefully we'll start work on that next weekend. By using the washing water to recharge the wicking beds each week, we're sure to be saving on water this summer.

Out in the garden today, I completely weeded my long herb bed and planted some of the new arrivals. Others are inside awaiting the last frost. I'll post some pictures when they grow up a bit; at the moment, it is hard to distinguish the herbs from lucerne mulch!

While weeding the bed, I also found a couple of parsnips missed last autmun. No problem, they'll make a great addition to the roast vegies we're having for dinner tonight :).

Talking to my neighbour this morning, who was also out in his vegie patch, I was delighted to hear that he had a better than usual crop of pumpkins last autumn, which he attributed to having the bees nearby. I too had noticed an increase in production, but it's really nice to have it confirmed. Our dear bee friends are proving to be very popular. Can't wait to get more.

love and light


Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoy the nuts, we are rigging up our waste machine water to go into our wicking beds when complete, like you, it will save us much on the water bill:)

Cheryl said...

Hi Naturewitch......doesn't everyone love bees?
The soap nuts sound like an excellent idea. I use a liquid soap made from essential oils etc....biodegradable, and environmentally friendly.....and you can water the plants quite safely. A girl in our village puts it together......she is a great find.

To answer your comment on my blog....the birds do eat the seeds of the spindle tree. I have seen Robins in that area.....I do not know if they are toxic to humans....they are a wonderful feature and seem to thrive in most soils once established........

naturewitch said...

Hi Molly
They are great. I'll certainly be telling others about them. I did 5 loads yesterday with the one lot of nuts (about 8) and they still look like they've got stuff left. I'll throw them in the pot when I boil up some to try as a shampoo. Thanks for telling us about them. xx

Hi Cheryl
Thanks for the info - was wondering whether they might be a good inclusion in the garden. xx

Kez said...

Hi Naturewitch,

Were you washing in hot or cold water? I read an opinion somewhere that they didn't seem to work well in a cold water wash, which is all I do (since the hot water tap on my washing machine stopped working about 12 months ago lol)


Anonymous said...

Cold Water wash, which is all I ever do is easy. Just drop 4 nuts into the little bag, drop that into a cup of boiling water, let soak for about 30 mins and then pour bag & water into the washing machine.

You can use the nuts about 4-6 times over, until they become a grey mushy mess, then they can go into your compost.

Kez said...

Cool! Thanks Molly - I'll order some today :)

naturewitch said...

Hi Kez and Molly
My wash water was tepid/warm (thanks to the sun!) and after five washes the soap nuts looked used, but not grey mush. Given Molly said to use about 4, maybe I overdid it with the 8 I used, but I'll finish them off in the shampoo trial.xx

Shanna said...

oooh, soapnuts... they sound awesome! i'd love to chase some up and give them a try!:)