Thursday, 5 November 2009

Of Things Leguminous

Out in the garden last weekend, I took a few snaps of our current leguminous crops.

The Golden Podded Peas are indeed golden. They are quite tasty when young and can be eaten whole like snow peas. As they get older, however, they tend to get a bit starchy and so I'll be leaving these to dry. The flowers are a lovely purple colour, so they are a very pretty pea.

The chick peas are flowering .....

And the first few pods are appearing ...

The broad beans, looking luscious, just before they were strip picked and cleared to make room for some new veges.

Legumes are such a good food for us. Just as they prepare the soil to support good growth, so do they help cleanse and prepare our bodies for good health.

Beans are the same shape as our lymph nodes, spleens and kidneys and they help keep these healthy.

Beans love to grow in amongst corn. Beans and corn together provide all the amino acids we need - that is, they are a perfect protein.

Alfalfa is also a legume and it is a fantastic lymphatic cleanser and body alkaliser.

All of these are good reasons to include legumes in your diet, but they are also very yummy and children just love to pick and munch them. Enjoy!

love and light


Cheryl said...

Hi Naturewitch....I eat legumes and love them. Thank you so much for the information.....there was quite a bit in there that I did not know.

I did know about beans and corn...being a vegetarian I need to make sure I get all the amino acids.......

Great post......

naturewitch said...

Hi Cheryl
Glad you enjoyed the post. Maybe I should do one on combining legumes and grains to get your protein. Maybe after end of semester, I can get my act together on that one... xx

Hedgewitch said...

Great post and loved the splash of sunshine and gardening from down under (just as the chill and darkness are setting in over here in the UK)!

How fab to grow chick peas - and very interesting about beans and corn, I would like to try that :-)

australiian said...
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