Sunday, 23 March 2008

Growing Challenge

Well, I've just joined up for the Growing Challenge. Realised I'd started growing a couple of new things this year, so thought it would be good to join in the fun.

My new ventures include maize and a different type of zucchini.

I'm growing the maize (as opposed to sweet corn) so that I can mill it and have freshly ground corn meal during the winter months. I make it up like porridge (oatmeal) and it tastes delicious when freshly ground. I find the ready ground corn meal is just not the same.

The zucchini I'm growing is called "costata". It is a lighter green than the usual "blackjack" zucchini and seems to remain tender for longer. BUT it grows a bit quicker than the blackjack - the picture shows one just three days after flowering - it is nearly 30cm long! The bushes are bigger and more robust as well. I like the ribs on the costata -they make a pretty cross-section when you slice it up.

I've also put in some different herbs this year (seedlings) and a friend has given me a cutting of a goji berry tree. So this year should prove to be interesting in the garden. Will let you know how the growing continues.

love and light

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