Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Moon Gardening

The equinox is upon us (4:48pm Thursday 20 March 2008 Aust East Daylight Savings Time (AEDST)) and the full moon is approaching (5:41am Saturday 22 March).

So it will be time to plant root veges and propagate perennials; also put organic manures on the garden and prune plants to retard growth. Best times for planting, propagating and fertilising are: 5:41pm Saturday 22 March to 1:12am Thursday 27 March (a whopping 4.5 days of continuous gardening pleasure!!) and 1:45pm to 8:48pm Saturday 29 March.

The last quarter is at 8:48am Sunday 30 March.

Weed to your heart's content, harvest fruits and veges and make compost from 8:48pm Sunday 30 March to 1:55am Sunday 6 April.

The new moon will be at 1:55pm on Sunday 6 April, then we can start our lunar gardening month all over again.

Till then, Happy moon gardening!

love and light

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