Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Time to recharge your crystals

With the full moon on Saturday morning (22 March) comes the opportunity to cleanse and recharge your crystal friends. I like to rinse them in pure water to cleanse, then place them on the soil in the light of the full moon to recharge. Bring them in first thing in the morning.

Be careful where you place your crystals in the garden, making sure you'll be able to find them again. My cats like to play with them, so I always have to have a good look around, especially for all the little ones.

I also like to clean and clear the room(s) they will go back into to. Serapis Bey (an aurasome product) or the bush flower space clearing mist are particularly helpful in clearing any negative energies in the room. If you don't have either of these, call in the light and ask for any energy no longer serving a fruitful purpose to be transmuted into love energy, rainbow light or whatever you like. Doing this can help to fill your house with loving, radiant vibrations and can significantly contribute to happy, healthy relationships.

love and light

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