Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Around the Garden and in the Kitchen

Remember Kale Cauli? Well it grew up and was duly harvested. Kale Cauli ended up being a bit green and a bit purplish.

The texture was similar to cauliflower and the flavour was something akin to the taste of very mature kale leaves, ie, a bit strong. Kale Cauli was edible, but not sure if I'd want to eat it too often.

There are a few more baby Kale Caulis in the garden at the moment, so my thoughts are going down the pickles track at this point.

Meanwhile, a few weeks ago, in the kitchen drawer where I keep potatoes and onions, a sweet potato decided to sprout. This is the first time I have ever seen a sprouted sweet potato in Canberra - must have been the hot weather.

The sweet potato is growing well and I'll have to put it in a pot and see what becomes of it. Because the cooler weather will arrive before it's finished growing, the bathroom is starting to look good as a new home.

Have still been bottling like a crazy woman and last weekend I made my first tomato paste. Sure, I could have bought the same quantity of thicker paste for just a couple of dollars, but at least I know where this lot has been.

Also in the kitchen, I've started a couple of batches of wine brewing - one with elderberries, blueberries and plums and the other with peaches and rose petals. The first one will be a red port-style wine and the second will be a white/blush dessert wine. Drinking will be a while away, but it sure does feel good to be making wine again!
And yes, dear Crone, I'll put up a post soonish to tell you how to go about it.

love and light


TheCrone said...

Thank you dear one :)

Been making more soap here today.

naturewitch said...

Hi Crone

Woohoo! Lovely homemade soap for you and the family. How wonderful! xx

River said...

Try eating the kale cauli while it's still in baby stage, it might taste a little sweeter. It looks quite a bit like the broccoflower I've seen in supermarkets sometimes. It's a broccoli cauliflower cross and you'd expect it to be green, but often it has quite a purplish tinge.

naturewitch said...

Hi River

Thanks for that. Maybe I'll harvest some of the smaller ones and try them young. xx

dixiebelle said...

The wines sound fantastic!

naturewitch said...

Hi dixiebelle

Yep, it sure is! It just takes a while to get to the drinking stage is all. xx