Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Another Fun Day in the Garden

Today was another productive day in the garden. I dug over a neglected area of the garden to plant my red pear and put the mattock through a dock. I decided to try to identify what sort of dock it was and I think it may be yellow dock or Rumex crispus, which is the medicinal dock. Before getting too excited, though, I'm going to confirm with my herb teacher tomorrow.

Yellow dock is great for a host of ailments such as liver congestion, gall stones, spleen and lymphatic conditions, psoriasis and constipation, as well as promoting the flow of bile and cleansing the blood. (As always, this information is intended for interest only and any treatment of these conditions should be done under the supervision of a qualified herbalist.)

Apart from the great find, I planted a few things today:
  • 20 Lily of the Valley pips
  • 40 Solomon's Seal tubers
  • the red pear
  • a female and a male kiwi fruit
It started to rain at that point, so I had to come inside, but the rain will water everything in nicely. Don't you just love the way that nature provides us with what we need?

love and light

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Cheryl said...

Lovely planting Naturewitch....don't you just feel great out there and doing....I sleep so much better when I have spent many hours in the garden....

I love lily of the valley....it smells divine......