Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Strawberry Liqueur

We picked up some strawberry "seconds" at the farmer's market last weekend and I thought I'd make a few pots of jam. Well, I didn't get a round tuit on the weekend, but the berries (what we hadn't eaten) made it to the pot early this evening.

The strawberries were in the pot, simmering away when I noticed there was a fair amount of liquid in the pot, even though I'd only added the juice of a couple of lemons. The evil plan was hatched (tee hee :)). If I only potted up the berries and some of the syrup, I could use the rest of the syrup for strawberry liqueur.

Quick trip to the liquor cabinet revealed a bottle and a little bit of vodka. Some quick calculations and 800ml 40% vodka + 500ml strawberry syrup = 1.3L strawberry liqueur at 25% alcohol. Should work.

Scurry back to the stove, skim off the fruit and some syrup - two pots of strawberry jam. With assistance from my dear one, we strained the syrup, mixed it with the vodka and bottled. Taste test (of course!) revealed a fruity drink, obviously quite alcoholic. Will taste sooo great this summer on ice with a sprig of mint!

Oh, and we are so having oat cakes for breakfast to check out the jam.

love and light


TheCrone said...

I want that recipe!

Anonymous said... two at it again, pair of P*** Pots rotf


Cathode said...

me too!!!!!!

Cheryl said...

Wished I lived next door....sounds soooooooo good.....

strange you are talking of summer....

Crazy Mumma said...

Oooh, where's that "drool" smiley icon???

naturewitch said...

My Strawberry Jam recipe is very easy:

Equal weight of strawberries and sugar plus juice of lemons (about two lemons per 750g (1.5lb) fruit.

Cut up strawberries and place in heavy based pan with lemon juice. Wait until the strawberries are soft, then add sugar and stir to dissolve. Boil briskly for about five minutes, then pour into sterilised jars and seal.

This recipe works very well with blackberries too, Cheryl and Hedgewitch and others with a supply at the moment.

All I did to make the strawberry liqueur was mix 500ml of the strained syrup with 800ml of 40% vodka. This gives a final alcohol content of 25%, which is what most of the commercial liqueurs have.

Easy peasy and yummy to boot.

Now I think about it, I reckon you could do something similar with a lot of fruits - imagine passionfruit liqueur or apricot liqueur or what about blackberry or raspberry liqueur? Hmmm, this is sounding good! Could make for some interesting Christmas pressies . . . xx

Rapunzel said...

ooh, that looks delish! A perfect summer drink, indeed!

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naturewitch said...

Well, now I know what the last message was about - here is a translation:

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Sounds like pretty good advice to me . . .