Sunday, 3 August 2008

Delightful Day in the Garden

I cannot be cooped up for too long, so I've found the past couple of weeks or so very frustrating, as I've recuperated from my horrible lurgy. However, this morning dawned beautifully fine and feeling somewhat recovered, I headed for the garden.

The first delight that greeted me was a lovely buzz coming from our early flowering peach - about two dozen bees were already at work, drinking the lovely peach flower nectar. I tried to take a photo, but alas it didn't come out very well. Actually, this peach tree was one I bought from someone at the local farmers' markets. It was supposed to be a yellow fleshed bottling peach, but turned out to be a white fleshed eating peach. It has some of the best peaches I have ever eaten, so the mix up is long forgiven. Can't wait for the new crop.

Another delight was discovering some little waxy potatoes in an area I was preparing for kiwi fruit. I had planted potatoes in this area the summer before last and apparently, a few have continued to grow. They made a lovely warm potato salad for lunch, accompanied by fresh herbs, baby beets, carrots and winter lettuce, all from our garden - not bad for the middle of winter!

While I worked in the garden today, I was serenaded by a local family of magpies. The song from Australian magpies is indeed unique and is especially beautiful on a Sunday for some reason. I found a lovely fat scarab beetle larva while digging and threw it to one of the magpies who then watched me keenly for the rest of the day, awaiting further treats. No more fat grubs, unfortunately, but the family did come down and dine from our compost heap, as well as checking over my diggings.

During the day, I was also talking to my neighbour and saying that I wanted to get some bees. Apparently, he has had the same thoughts, so a hive in the back yard should not present any problems. I just have to source one now.

And at the end of this gorgeous day was a chat with my sister, a lovely hot shower and dinner with my darling man. Hope your day was just as great.

love and light


Cheryl said...

Hi Naturewitch.....that sounds like a perfect day.....bees, the fruits of your labours, serenaded by a magpie.....and dinner with your man.......

May you have a lot more of them.....

TheCrone said...

Perfect, totally perfect! My idea of a blissful day :)

J9 said...

Hey naturewitch

It is very quiet hear without you. Sounds like the sun, garden and love are helping to get you back to us.

I was reading your entries in my break and I like the way you write so positively and with fun.

Till then

flmom said...

I love the magpie photo! We'll be studying flying creatures in science this homeschool year so that was very neat to see.

I have mentioned bees to hubby, but he is not keen on the idea and I am not willing to take on the task alone right now. I do wish for more in our yard though. Our garden suffered as a result back in the spring. I had to hand pollinate all our squash, zucchini, and cucumber. Trying to hand pollinate the watermelon was a failure. I just sowed some watermelon seeds earlier this week so I am hoping pollinators find their way into the garden.