Saturday, 2 August 2008

The Joys of a Hot Shower and a New Desk

I stood under the shower late this afternoon and gave thanks to the sun for heating the water and thanks to our local authority for having dams that supply us with running water. How luxurious that shower felt! And how many people don't have that luxury?

The truth is that I have been a mad woman today, rearranging bookcases and other furniture about the house, all because I got a desk for my study so I don't have to take over the kitchen table any more. So I was tired and dusty and the shower went down a treat.

When I went looking for a desk the other day, I decided to check out the local classifieds first (always been a fan of second-hand items and op-shops). There were heaps of second-hand desks, many of which people were struggling to sell. I guess that people in Canberra generally just go out and buy things brand new. Anyway, I found the perfect desk in the next suburb for the bargain price of $60.

This got me to thinking about what will happen to all those other desks on the classifieds? Will they all find new homes? Will they eventually be dumped? How much are we, as a society, reusing items for which others no longer have a use and how much are we just going out and buying things new, just because we can? And what is this costing our planet?

I'm pleased with my desk. It meets all my needs and fits the space we have beautifully. The "desk miles" were not that many and we are using something that someone else no longer needed. It was a great purchase for us and also for our planet.

love and light


Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Talk about my great find this is terrific Naturewitch!
Our house is full of odds and ends that have found homes with us so nothing matches but we enjoy the smug factor of recycling/reusing etc!

Cheryl said...

Hi is a great desk and I could not agree more....reuse reuse reuse.....I do this as much as I can and secondhand is great.......

Wendy said...

Nice desk. I think you did well. Glad you enjoyed your nice hot shower. I also feel soothed by my shower - and a little spoiled.
Light and Love

flmom said...

Your new treasure is lovely! Reuse and recycle ... a wonderful thing.