Saturday, 3 May 2008


At last, I seem to be able to keep a brahmi plant alive. My previous attempts have ended in premature death of the poor herbs, but this time things are looking good.

The trick to keeping Brahmi alive seems to be keeping it moist and protecting it from too much sun and also too much cold. Apparently, they like semi-shaded, moist conditions.

This Brahmi is in a 20cm pot and now that things have started to chill down here in Zone 2, I've brought it inside. Hopefully, it will survive the winter. I'll let you know its progress.

love and light


Anonymous said...

Ok Nature, you have me intrigued, what is the Brahmi herb like and what sort of recipe would it be used in?


TheCrone said...

What she said! Off to google :)

naturewitch said...

Apologies - Brahmi is not a culinary herb, but a medicinal herb.

Brahmi, or Bacopa monnieri, is used for improving concentration, mental performance and memory; for nervous disorders, insomnia and anxiety. It is basically a tonic for the brain and nervous system.

When mine grows up and is ready to be picked, I will probably make a tincture out of it. It is most useful when studying and trying to remember lots of facts for exams.

Anonymous said...

Lordy I so need that herb!!!

I don't know about you Lara, but hypothyroidism has all but destroyed my memory ( I actually remember very little of any of my past, it's been this way for decades). They tell me it has much to do with the fact they have trouble maintaining constant levels with me......I'm off to order some, then you can instruct me how to use it Nature! LOL


naturewitch said...

Hi Molly

You can get brahmi (bacopa) tablets from the health food store. Ideally it will be combined with Ginkgo and other fabulous herbs.

NW xx

Chuck said...

Can you tell me what type of soil/soil mixture you are using, how much direct light (sunlight or artificial light) they get, and if you give frequent, light waterings?

I have had two Brahmi plants grown in soil die on me, so I put the third plant in an aquarium with no air pump and no screen, and the water got dirty. The plant has survived, but it hasn't thrived by any means. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks.