Monday, 19 May 2008

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OK - a new challenge sent to me by Hedgewitch on her Earth and Tree blog. BTW, if you haven't yet gone to Hedgewitch's sites, I'd highly recommend it - lots of lovely environmentally focused crafts and tidbits of information and musings - a really good read.

Here is the deal: you pick up the nearest book set in a foreign country and then . . .
1) Open page 123
2) Find the fifth sentence.
3) Post the next three sentences.
4) Tag five people and acknowledge who tagged you.

My book is The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche.

p123 from the 5th sentence:
Now ego poses as the righteous arbiter of all conduct: the shrewdest position of all from which to undermine your faith, and erode whatever devotion and commitment to spiritual change you have.
Yet however hard ego may try to sabotage the spiritual path, if you really continue on it, and work deeply with the practice of meditation, you will begin slowly to realize just how gulled you have been by ego's promises: false hopes and false fears.
Slowly you begin to understand that both hope and fear are enemies of your peace of mind; hopes deceive you, and leave you empty and disappointed, and fears paralyze you in the narrow cell of your false identity.

Wow, pretty heavy stuff for a Monday evening. Funnily enough, I was just talking to some colleagues at work this morning about the only two true emotions - love and fear.

Now I am seriously in danger of waxing philosophical and don't really want to bore you with my ramblings, but I wonder how this applies to us all at the moment with respect to topics such as food and energy crises? Although I am sure we are right to read the signs as we are, maybe we need to implement our plans for survival with a lighter heart and not one based on fear; to rejoice in what we are collectively achieving day by day to reduce our footprint on dear Mother Earth; and to be grateful for her bounties.

As I said, a bit heavy for a Monday night . . . . .

As for those lovely people I would like to tag - I think I'll just pick two (given I've recently tagged a bunch of you):
The Crone - who provides us with such entertaining reading of her journey in reducing consumption and impact on the planet and
Molly - who finds such terrific information on what is happening in the world that she almost single-handedly keeps us up to date

love and light


Anonymous said...

LOL NW, you haven't let me recover from the shock of the first tag!

All done, if you can get hold of that book, it is truly amazing in detail and lessons in a fun read.


Cheryl said...

I enjoyed this post....made me think.
You are right about rejoicing in the things we do to try and heal mother in fear is not a good thing, I am sure there are many people that do.

Hedgewitch said...

many thanks for your kind words, and for playing along!

I love the selection you've quoted .. always wanted to look into this book, very interesting, and a nice thought-provoking chunk.

Yes, I think to be motivated out of love for the earth rather than fear of what my happen would be a healthier way forward, absolutely :-)