Saturday, 17 May 2008

Today in the Garden

I am, as ever, thankful for the bounties supplied by my garden. A couple of months ago, I cut a couple of cauliflowers from their stems and didn't remove the rest of the plant. The result is that they have now sprouted a few mini caulis each. The biggest one (pictured) is now about 12cm across and I am looking forward to harvesting it very soon.

Meanwhile, the baby broccoli plants are getting a move on and the biggest head (pictured) is now about 10cm across. So, soon we will be starting on our winter pig-out on broccoli.

This morning, I also picked a colander-full of tomatoes, still surviving even though we've had a couple of light frosts now. And amaizingly (pun intended), the maize is still alive and the little cobs are starting to fill. I will definitely be planting it earlier next season.

I also dug over a new patch this morning and planted some oats and the old costata zucchinis, which produced so brilliantly this year, were cleared to make way for some Yakumo Giant snow peas.

love and light


Anonymous said...

Hi Nature, when you cut your caulis, if you use a knife to place an X on the stem remaining you will get 4 mini caulis!

See that green caterpillar on the broccoli? I killed 23 of those mongrels today, they are all over my plants lol

Enjoy the w/end

Cheryl said...

It great to grow your own, harvest it and produce good wholesome food for the table. I have a friend who has an allotment, so I get fresh veg from him. I also support local organic farmers, and have a delivery each week.
It is so much better than supermarket food, flown from one side of the world to the other.
Tku for the link, I am now linked to you also.

Naturegirl said...

NATURES bounty is so rewarding!
Thank you for your generous comment
on my "self expression" post!a fellow nature witch..we're good ones for sure! :) NG

Erica said...

Yum, Cauliflower! I love roasted cauliflower! I had no idea that if you left the plant, they would regrow mini-heads.

Wendy said...

Hi NatureWitch, I found you through Cheryl's blog. I'm from Canada and we are definitely into spring and our planting season. It's been a long winter. The only contact I have with Australia is a fellow named Jim Purdie who lives on the Gold Coast and has a hibiscus site. Love those hibs.

Interesting about your cauliflower. I had no idea that the plant would grow minis! Isn't nature wonderful!
I'll be back - love your blog.

naturewitch said...

Hi Wendy

Welcome to my blog. Lovely to hve you visit.

If you want to look at more Australian blogs with a similar flavour, try The Crone at Wit's End and Doing It Naturally

NW xx

flmom said...

Beautiful cauliflower and broccoli - yum! I tried growing broccoli a few years ago, but it all bolted. I'll be trying again this winter (our gardening seasons are different from most of the States).