Sunday, 25 May 2008

Survival into the 21st Century

I was reading Molly's post on the food crisis and thought I'd post some information I found in a book just this morning. The book is called Survival into the 21st Century: Planetary Healers Manual by Viktoras Kulvinskas, published in 1975. I inherited it from my father, a wise old Piscean who was definitely ahead of his time (or maybe behind it?).

Anyway, the book discusses how to survive in the future and it is interesting that a lot of the issues raised are ones we are now talking about, although it is by no means a book on self-sufficiency. In preparation for survival, the author suggests (among other things):
  • buying land at least 100 miles (160 km) away from major cities, preferably in the mountains or somewhere that people won't consider to be agriculturally attractive
  • having hidden, underground storage areas for food, water, tools, books and seeds
  • storing for each person: 25kg unhulled buckwheat seed; 50kg wheat; 12kg mung beans; 12kg unhulled sesame seed; 25kg navy beans; 15kg honey; 1L liquid kelp
  • digging a well for water
  • moving to your land at the first sign of unrest
  • using a car, but always carrying a bike

The list of food may seem a bit strange, but the author was seriously into sprouted food. I'd like to see some veges on the list, but maybe you'd have vege seeds and grow them once you'd gone to your land.

Quite an interesting read, with a bit of a giggle now and again.

love and light



TheCrone said...

Please tell me that the liquid kelp is to fertalise plants!!! I can't imagine drinking it!

Cheryl said...

I bet that is a fun read, made extra special because it was your fathers.
I am a Pisces.......we do try and store a lot of info....mine is mostly useless but none the less enjoyable.

naturewitch said...

I think he does mean to drink it - he lists it under "foods". Having sprayed my garden with seaweed extract and fish emulsion just yesterday, I share your aversion. Actually it was quite funny - one of the cats appeared, sniffing, looking for the fish!!

As for Pisces and info - Dad was a real thinker and font of knowledge and I've been lucky enough to inherit quite a few of his books. Some of them have turned out to be "classics" that are now out of print and they are a great help with my naturopathy studies.


Anonymous said...

Hey NW, don't you just love those oldies but goodies books?

There is much wisdom to be found in many of them.


Cheryl said...

How wonderful to have inherited books that are now out of print....especially those that will help with your studies. It is a gift from your father, it must keep you close to him.

Melissa said...


I've recently discovered your blog, and was wondering if you'd mind if I linked to it from mine?

naturewitch said...

Hi Melissa

Welcome to my blog! Delighted to have you link to mine and I'll do the same


Gypsyheart Lady said...

A very interesting post. Around our place, it is our intention to produce more and to consume less, while keeping an eye on the future !