Sunday, 11 May 2008

Our Bees, Our Food

Just saw a story on TV about the Varroa mite. Apparently, Australia is the only country free of the varroa mite, a little critter that affects bees. It rides in on the backs of bees into the colony (or hive) and infects the bee larvae with a virus, killing them.

The reason this is so important (apart from the damage to bees and our honey supply) is that bees are critical in the production of our food. Australia is now exporting bees overseas in a bid to help other countries maintain their food production.

Without bees, many plants won't be pollinated and will therefore not produce their fruit, which is what we eat. The only other option is hand pollination - not really possible on the scale of production of much of our food. Imagine a world without honey, stone fruits, apples, pears, melons, pumpkins, almonds and avocadoes, to name a few of the foods that could be affected.

This is yet another reason why it is so important for us all to take some responsibility for producing the food we eat. Every step you take to grow your own food will reduce your impact on the environment, as well as securing yours and your family's future.

So get into your gardens and plant some food, even if it is to put a few lettuce seedlings or herbs in a pot on your balcony. Every little bit helps and you will enjoy the freshness and vitality of your own produce. And the satisfaction of creating a meal from your own produce is unparalleled. Happy gardening!

love and light


Hedgewitch said...

great post .. I have heard about this from my friend who does bee-keeping, but this really brings home the possible ramifications.. thank you :-)

naturewitch said...

Hi Hedgewitch
great to have you visit

Cheryl said...

Wonderful pleased more people are posting about the demise of our bee population. I am a wildlife gardener and plant and house the bees in my garden. I have two colonies of bumbles this year.
I also overwinter mason bees which left the nests in early April and pollinated all my fruit trees. This looks like a blog that will appeal to me long term. I will be back.

naturewitch said...

Hi Cheryl

Welcome to my blog. Lovely to have you drop by.

love and light