Wednesday, 7 January 2009


You never know what is going to happen next here - like when I woke up with a craving for doughnuts one morning before Christmas. Now, these are not my usual fare and being a bit intolerant to wheat, I decided to throw some gluten free ones together - sans recipe.

Talking to The Crone later that day, my corruptive influence had her making Churros. She said she would post her recipe if I posted mine. Trouble was, I had to wait until I made them again (so I could write down what I did and take a photo), so the other day I treated the children to homemade doughnuts for breakfast. Here it is.


3 eggs
1.75 cups buttermilk (saved from butter making)
0.25 cup sugar
3 cups plain flour
8 teaspoons baking powder

Oil for cooking
1 cup caster sugar mixed with 2 teaspoons cinnamon for rolling cooked doughnuts

Beat all ingredients together with a wooden spoon.
Drop spoonfuls into medium-hot oil (about 12.5mm or 0.5" is sufficient) and cook until the underside is golden. Turn and continue cooking until the other side is golden too.
Retrieve cooked doughnuts with a slotted spoon and drain on kitchen paper. Toss in sugar and cinnamon mix.

Note: as for a lot of my gluten free recipes, I used a 50/50 mix of Orgran and FG Roberts gluten free flours.

Makes about 15 doughnuts.


love and light


zoetree said...

Hi. The donuts look lovely, especially since it's breakfast time here. I just came across your site via having self-sufficiency as a common interest. I see you are a lot further down the road in your quest. I'm just starting. I'd like to visit your site often and look for info, although our seasons are switched, of course. I also have 2 cats, and they have their own blog in which they are human with Zoe and Suki personalities. Feel free to visit. Cheers, and best wishes with all your endeavors.

Kel said...

ohh yum. they look sooo overy very good. all i have to hand here to fill a desire for some fully fat food is a left over packet of salted chips from guests staying and that just doesnt cut the mustard. im gonna have a go at these- my kids will love me forever!

Michelle said...

Hi Naturewitch,
Cheryls daughter here,
I just wanted to stop by and thank you for the advice on my little Poppi. I shall sort out some Ferr Phos for her. You are very kind to have spent the time studying her little face and im sure she will benifit from it. Thanks again for your help,
Best wishes and Happy New year to you,

Cheryl said...

Ooooh doughnuts Mr P's favourite.....they do look delicious naturewitch.....

Thank you so much for the info re Poppi.....I think you are spot on with your diagnosis.....I looked the remedy up in one of my books and she does have chest problems, and some other things were relevent.
It is very kind of you to take time to leave a comment.....and oh so helpful.....
My daughter will try her on the remedy......I will give you feedback.......

Donna said...

yum They look really nice....
Thanks for the comments on my blog to... love ur cats.. im a huge cat fan to. your garden is looking really good.. Ican't wait till mine gets really established.

Have a good one.

Cheers donna.

River said...

My method is easier. Go to shop, buy doughnuts. of course, they're not gluten free....

naturewitch said...

Hi Zoetree
Welcome to my blog. Will drop around for a visit soon. Would love to see your cats. It's important to share our experiences with each other - it's a way for us to learn so much. Thanks for dropping by. xx

Hi Kel
These rea definitely in the realm of treat food - no doubt about it. But once in a while is OK - it would be pretty boring if we didn't break out every now and then ;) xx

Hi Michelle and Cheryl
You are both very welcome. Am happy to help - Poppi looks to be such a dear child. If she ends up with a runny nose, Kali Mur might help.
The tissue salts are amazing remedies and I'm using them more and more. We've covered them in our course, but I'm also going to do a separate diploma on them, which includes more detailed facial diagnosis.
If you are interested in using them, David Card's book Facial Diagnosis of Cell Salt Deficiencies may be useful. It is the best one I've found on the topic and is available through Amazon.
Good luck with Poppi. xx

Hi Donna
Thanks for dropping by. Cats are such lovely creatures, aren't they? Great companions too. xx

Hey River
Like your style! But when the wheat doesn't like you, you go hunting for alternatives. xx

Cheryl said...

Tks are a gem....I have used homeopathy through a practitioner for many years, and it has been a great help. Michelle will try the remedies you have suggested.....
and I am very interested in that book, tku.....

Re strange you should mention that....I have used it as a herbal tea for around two years now, due to a weak chest in winter......Poppi is always attracted to it in the garden and takes several leaves to munch on.....following intuition perhaps?? I shall encourage her with this.....rosemary is another one she loves to run her fingers through and then smell them......

You are a great friend day I may be able to return the compliment by helping you.......

River said...

My daughter's husband and one of the kids have gluten problems, so the whole family is mostly gluten free. So I understand the problem. Did you know that caster sugar gives a finer coating than regular sugar? For the doughnuts.

naturewitch said...

Hi Cheryl
You help me every time I see your lovely photos. There are times I have had a rotten day and I go to your blog and feel soo much better. Thank you! xx

Hi River
Thanks for the reminder - it was caster sugar that I used for the coating. I'll amend the recipe. xx