Wednesday, 21 January 2009

WooHoo Wednesday!

Well, I had the scan this morning and picked up the results this afternoon. It is all OK. The residual mass is still there but it is not growing - it appears to be what they call "scar tissue". All is good.

Added bonus: while waiting for the scan this morning, I noticed one of my favourite people in the waiting room. We had a good chat before our scans and met up for coffee and a chat afterwards. We had a few good laughs and I'm sure it made the whole experience better for both of us.

The last 48 hours have been truly amazing. Last night it rained (5mm) and so the garden has been revived. We may even get more rain in the next few days. Yippee!

I also found out yesterday afternoon that the course I had been saving for in February has been postponed to later in the year, so I now have more than enough money for the juicer. And to top it off, my out of pocket expenses for the scan were about half of what I'd been expecting.

Those moths? Well, they pushed me into thinking again about going all glass in the pantry. This afternoon in between the scan and picking up the results I went into one of the local shops and found beautiful big glass storage jars quite cheaply.

All this has made me think. The universe really does provide, even if not in the ways we would expect. If it hadn't been for those moths, I wouldn't have found the bottles so cheaply. And seeing my need for the juicer, the universe arranged it so I would have enough money. And my lovely neighbour offered to lend me one.

I feel so blessed and looked after right now. Not only in material ways, but also spiritually. It has been a great reminder to trust that everything will be alright and that it all has its place and time, even if I can't see it at the time. I feel somewhat embarrassed I posted about my fears now, as they all ended up being groundless. Must remember that next time I get myself worked up.

All is good. I truly hope it is with you too.

love and light


River said...

Pantry moths often hatch out from eggs that are already in your rice, flour etc when you buy it. Make sure you're buying from a reputable source. Dry baking of these items for a few seconds is one way of killing any eggs, I've heard that freezing works too. Seal in airtight bags for the freezing method, so that your flour etc doesn't become damp.

Anonymous said...

NW, I am SOOOOOO happy your scan worked out! I freeze everything I bring home that is in packet form then put into glass or plastic containers, like you I have been down the moth path and it sucked LOL

Bay leaves around the cupboards deter them too, they HATE them!

Don't ever be emabarrased about your thoughts & feelings girl, its what makes us humans so beautiful!

And you are right, it all happens as i'ts needed, in time, we just sometimes forget its not in our time LOL

Cheryl said...

Well Naturewitch....prayers are answered.....I am so pleased to hear your news. As you so rightly say it is amazing how things turn around.

Will hold you in my are a good and kind person.......

Just going to meet little Poppi now but just had to pop over to see your results......
Sleep well......

naturewitch said...

Hi River
Yep, I think the source was some rice flakes, as that container was absolutely taken over. I'll try the freezing method before bottling in future. xx

Hi Molly
I'll try the bay leaves, too. I have a largish packet of them, so can spare some to deter the moths for sure. xx

Hi Cheryl
Thank you for your kind words. Hope you have a great time with Poppi. xx

Kez said...

A huge WOOOHOOO about everything but particularly the scan!

goingferal(ish) said...

Fantastic news.

Em said...

What great news! I'm so happy for you NW, it must be a big relief. Don't worry about letting your fears show, sometimes that is just how it is for a while xxx

Terry said...

Great news.

No need to feel embarrassed!

Best wishes, Terry

Kel said...

hoohoo whoohoo!!!! great news. so pleased for you. As for those moths..i was reading somewhere only yesterday about indian migrants to the uk. In india they were eating rice with moth lavae but in the where UK rice importation rules were strict they were having deficieny problems due to no lavae in their diet!!! just a

Julie said...

Hi NW, such wonderful news!!! WooHoo Wednesday indeed :-D The Universe really does provide it seems, and I'm so happy it's providing for *you* when things were a looking little down.

Libby said...

So thrilled for you. It must take a great weight off your mind and lighten you greatly.
This post made me smile, as your happiness flowed through,

flmom said...

Praising Him for all your wonderful, wonderful news!!!

naturewitch said...

Dear All

Thank you for your well wishes and sharing in my happiness.

I really did feel better after the original post on Monday and could feel all the lovely energy flowing my way. I'm sure it has made a huge difference.

But, Kel, I'm not really up for eating moth larvae! So I'll freeze all new dry goods coming in prior to putting them in their jars. xx