Sunday, 4 January 2009

Garden Pics

Here's the shade I built for the carrots this morning - an old sheet hooked over 4 garden stakes. I've since added thick rubber bands around the tops of the stakes in case of wind.

In the foreground is a self-seeded tomato growing in the next bed and in the background are the asparagus. Nestled between the fence and the shade are some leeks and spring onions.

Here's the horseradish, growing quite strongly, with some flowering yarrow behind and rue to the right at the front.

The carrots are flowering too, in a bed with some kale.

In between the rows of maize, I've planted Lazy Housewife climbing beans, which are using the corn to climb. Well, some of them are and some are sort of creeping on the ground. Also in this bed are a few self-seeded tomatoes growing well.

I like to plant nasturtium near the edge of a bed - it helps to keep the pests and diseases at bay. This one is consorting with a dandelion near the lettuces which have bolted.

Some baby button squash.

The bergamot is in flower, too.
A bee getting nectar from an asparagus flower. Notice the yellowy-orange substance on her legs? Courtesy of the button squash and zucchini, I think, that grow nearby.

Bees coming and going from the bottom of the hive. It is actually more busy than this, but they are hard to photograph.

Sleeping on the job - what more can I say? And before you start thinking that must be a very narrow path - it is about 40cm (16"); it's just a very large cat!

Hope you enjoyed your visit.

love and light


Stewart said...

Awesome, it all looks very luscious and healthy.
Thanks for the show.

naturewitch said...

Hi Stewart
You're welcome. xx

Cheryl said...

Lovely naturewitch.......horseradish....I just love it....although I do not eat meat it does go with so many foods......

So good to see your exciting......I found myself smiling.......they will have plenty of blooms to work.......

TheCrone said...

So you still haven't put him on the Jenny Craig plan!!!

Readers, let me inform you that this cat is the biggest cat outside of a zoo I have ever seen!

Julie said...

LOL Crone, I'd have to agree with that if the path really is 40cm wide!! S/he's HUGE! But ever so cute ;-) Your garden looks wonderful NW, what a terrific refuge.

Wendy said...

Lovely garden. Everything looks so healthy.

Anonymous said...

NW, delightful and productive as always, WTG!

naturewitch said...

Hi Cheryl
Yes, I find it difficult not to let everything go to seed, so the bees can have the flowers. It's amazing how many different ones they love. Who'd have thought they'd go for asparagus flowers? xx

Hi Crone
Darling B has indeed lost weight over the last two years. Two years ago he weighed in at 12.2kg. The following year he was 11.8kg and now he is 11.5kg. The vet is pleased with his progress, but she still says he is one of the largest cats she's ever seen. xx

Hi Julie
Thanks - it is a refuge, only I don't show photos of the weeds, of which there are many.
For the record, B measures over 1m long when he is stretched out on the lounge (nose to tail). His brother is the same skeletal size, but weighs in at just over 7kg. Yes, my cat is morbidly obese, his brother being the right weight for his size. But they are both very cute. xx

Hi Molly and Wendy
Thanks for the comments. Good to have you drop by. xx

greenfumb said...

Everything looks brilliant. Where did you get the horseradish from - seeds?

naturewitch said...

Hi Greenfumb

I got the horseradish from a herb nursery. But I have been told that it is quite easy to grow from cuttings.

Interestingly, I don't think I've ever seen horseradish seeds and a quick check with Eden Seeds, Diggers and New Gippsland Seeds and Bulbs has not revealed any either. Must see whether the plant sets seeds or not. xx