Saturday, 10 January 2009

Saturday Savings . . . and Spendings

A few weeks ago, I was a bitt miffed when I went to buy some dolomite at the local hardware. They were charging over $11 for a 5kg bag. This morning I bought a 25kg bag for $8.50 from the produce store. Yippee for a frugal find!

This afternoon I blew any frugality by going on a plant and garden buying spree. Here's what I came home with:
  • 1 bird bath
  • 1 arch for the roses in the front garden
  • 4 bags of potting mix and a small bag of peat moss
  • 1 yard broom
  • 2 lavenders
  • 1 Chinese star jasmine
  • 1 buddleia
  • 2 blueberry bushes (Denise variety)
  • 1 hebe
  • 1 Mexican mock orange
  • assorted punnets - salvias, petunias, snapdragons, cornflowers, dianthus, daisies, dahlias, gazanias, vincas and verbenas

In my defence, the front garden, long neglected, will get a make-over tomorrow. I've decided that rather than neglecting the pretties, I need to encourage them. After all, the flowers often make good bee food, as well as being food for the soul.


Anonymous said...

WTG NW! The front will look gorgeous with that lot for the soul is always vital!

flmom said...

It all sounds delightful! I was drooling over flower seeds this morning ... I never made out to see any actual plants (I was thrilled to find organic seeds in a store that hasn't been carrying them!). I had a lovely vision of butterflies and bees attracted to all the flowers. Now if we can just get into gear and get a bed made............

River said...

Once all those get growing, your bees will be in heaven!! When I had a full sized lavender,it was never without at least 6 bees, often it had a couple of dozen. Sadly, the lavender is no more. Hubby "accidentally" killed it. Claimed it died of sunburn....Pfft!

naturewitch said...

Hi Molly
Thanks for the encouragement. xx

Hi flmom
Yes, I can imagine you drooling over the flower seeds. It's so lovely to have them growing. xx

Hey River
Reminds me of the time my darling man killed an olive sapling. One week he mosed it, but it fought back. The next week, he stood on it and it never recovered :{ He doesn't like olives, btw.
As for the lavender, I started harvesting from my current bushes today since the bees have had their way with them and now lost interest. I thought if I trimmed the flower stalks off it might encourage them to flower again. The bees certainly do love lavender! xx