Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Here I am at home, with a raging sore throat and that mown-down feeling, but instead of being tucked up in bed I'm surfing the internet. I went looking for a different story on the Gardening Australia website, but found this one on bees and backyard beekeeping instead.

Inspired by Cheryl of My Wildlife Sanctuary and also by Hedgewitch, I'm thinking of putting a hive in my garden this spring/summer. It would be great to just build something for the bees and have them take up residence, but I think I probably need to get a hive. Have a look at the story and read about it - maybe keeping bees is something we all need to consider?

love and light


Anonymous said...

I would love to, unfortunately their sting leaves me a little..hmmm...indisposed, I'm allergic to the buggers LOL

Now if we could get native wild bees without stings I would be lining up for them!


Leanne said...

Hi naturewitch, thank you for popping in to my blog, I am returning the compliment here!

thanks for the nice comment about my poem, and I hope that sore throat clears up soon!Blessings from beautiful Somerset, UK

Leanne x

naturewitch said...

Hi Molly

I'd love to have native bees, too, but I don't think you could keep them in the same way. I read that some people wipe the inside of a hive with lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) to help new swarms settle in - I was wondering whether setting up a box this way might attract bees??

As for the stings - there are probably some homeopathic remedies you could take to help, but you would need to consult a homeopath to get exactly the right remedy for you.