Sunday, 29 June 2008

Happiness is . . .

. . . a car boot full of cow and poultry manure and three new fruit trees for my garden.

This morning I popped into Bunnings to get some manure for the garden (I'm using the liquid gold, but I also like manures to build up the soil a bit) and some bolts to put together the swing set frame for the kiwi fruit.

As well as these, I came out with three new fruit trees:

"Preston Prolific" fig - you can never have too many fig trees (confession: I've already got a couple, a Black Genoa and another) - they are so good for fresh figs, dried figs, stuffed figs, fig jam and I'm starting to think about figs in brandy and what about fig wine???

Feijoa (pineapple guava) - been wanting one for ages and there it was and it just screamed out "pick me, pick me!"

"Sensation" pear - these are red pears (a bit redder than the picture, actually) that stay a bit crunchy and are really sweet and juicy - been looking for one for about three years and never found it, but there it was! (mind you, we already have a Williams (double-grafted with a nashi), a Josephine and a Buerre Bosc.

The trouble is - where will I put them? I'm sure I will find a spot (or three), maybe over near the apple trees and the mulberry, but I just couldn't resist. Maybe I'm turning into a fruit-tree-aholic?

Well, that's my retail therapy for a while. To be honest, I generally am not enamoured of shopping and try to only do what is necessary. But it felt good to leave the hardware with my little finds today.

love and light


TheCrone said...

Ohhh figs with marscapone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Droolworthy.

Must. Buy. More. Figs.

Pam said...

Only a gardener could understand that happiness is a car boot full of poultry and cow manure.I was blissed out when my husband cleared out sheep manure from under a shearing shed for me, best herb patch I've ever had, magical.The smell and texture of rich,dark composted soil full of earthworms makes me swoon. Easily pleased.Life's simple pleasures, eh?

Cheryl said...

I am so jealous Naturewitch, how dare you buy a fig I love figs, any which way you like. And what I would do to be able to grow them in my garden....

Other fruit trees sound good can never have too many fruit trees.

Apprentice Domestic Goddess said...

Um, do you do consultations? I have bought and planted my first fruit tree (a Meyer lemon), but have NO IDEA what I'm doing and like the idea of REAL fruit trees because making crabapple jelly once a year from the ornamental fruit trees doesn't really hit the spot for a large family...

What's a good beginner fruit tree in Canberra?

Cathode said...

OMG I love Feijoa. We had 3 bushes as kids growing up and I used to decimate it every fruiting season.

Hence why I have put one in with my new garden. Am also about to order a strawberry guava and chilean guava from diggers.