Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Weed Tea

On Gardening Australia last weekend, they had a story about brewing a fertiliser from your weeds. It is especially good for those weeds you don't want to put in the compost because the compost doesn't get hot enough to kill off their seeds. I've already started some brewing and have added some dead comfrey leaves for added nutrients and speedy breakdown. Click on the link to read the story.

love and light


Anonymous said...

Belinda, I do this with one difference, I add a capful of fish emulsion to the water the weeds sit in, it certainly has an odour all of its own (the lid helps with that) but boy do those plants love it!


naturewitch said...

Hi Molly
Great idea about the fish emulsion - I'll add somt to my own brew! Who is Belinda, btw? Not this little witch . .
love and light