Wednesday, 25 June 2008

This Morning in the Garden

This morning was lovely - we are having a relatively mild winter so far, but there's plenty more time for the cold. I had such a great time in the garden this morning, I thought I'd take a few happy snaps to share - they are nowhere near as beautiful as Cheryl's or Herbwitch's photos, but here they are.

Baby Olive, who was given to me by my dear friend, The Crone, before she moved to WA a couple of years ago, has now grown up enough to be put in the ground. Here is a picture of her after transplanting. She is about 90cm tall now and doing very well. Under the mulch are some Calendula seeds, which I'm hoping will form a nice drift of flowers for the bees. And in the bed behind them are some Oregon Giant snow peas just starting to grow.

The early peach is starting to bud up and almost looks like she's ready to flower, although it will probably be a few weeks yet (at least I hope so - I want to clear away the grass growing underneath and give her a good dose of manure and mulch).

Underneath another peach tree, a jonquil is preparing to flower.

Beside the fence, in the square holes of the Besser bricks forming a raised vege bed, the nasturtiums are still smiling, despite the cold.

Here's a fine head of broccoli ready to be picked.

And here's a cheeky potato plant, thriving underneath the protection of the dead asparagus ferns I am yet to clear away.

This patch may look like grass, but Molly assures me they really are oats.

And here's the rhubarb, looking incredibly healthy for this time of year.

There was also a willie wagtail flitting about the garden, but alas he was too quick for me!

love and light


TheCrone said...

It's all so beautiful!

naturewitch said...

Thank you! and thanks for the olive - as you can see, it is doing really well. xx

Anonymous said...

Your garden is looking gorgeous NW, when you're ready to bottle those olives let me know, I have some great recipes!


Erica said...

Your garden looks great for it being winter there! Hahahaha :)

Cheryl said...

Hi Naturewitch....I love to see other peoples gardens....I can't believe your nasturtium's are flowering in winter, amazing. My little granddaughter and I sat in the middle of the lawn yesterday eating the flowers. She is only three and thought it was amazing.

The broccoli looks so healthy, one of my favourite vegetables.
Its a great post naturewitch and tks for the compliment, you are too kind.....

naturewitch said...

Hi Molly - thanks, when the olives grow up and are producing, I'll be knocking on your blog for recipes.

Hi Erica - it does look great in the photos, but I didn't show you the dried up brown looking areas - the advantages of photography! But it does serve to show me that, even in winter, there is beauty in the garden.

Hi Cheryl - yes, isn't it amazing? These nasturtiums have their feet in bricks and get a little protection from the fence, so they are keeping on going. I love to eat them, too, but since there are only a few flowers, I let them bee . . . I love broccoli, too and grow it every year.


Wendy said...

Lovely photos. If this is winter, I'm moving to Australia!! Lucky you to have broccoli in winter and those nasturtuims - just beautiful.

naturewitch said...

Hi Wendy

Yes, this is Ausralia. We are having a mild winter so far in Canberra, so we wouldn't normally expect the nasturtiums to be surviving, but I generally have broccoli throughout winter if I plant them early enough to get going before the cold.

In Canberra, we are only two hours away from the snow fields, which is the coldest area of Australia. Two hours in Oz is considered to be "just down the road".

So, if this appeals, please join us - we can always do with more eco-minded people!

love and light