Sunday, 1 June 2008

In the Garden Today

It's a bit overcast and chilly outside today, but I did have a little visit to my garden to check on it. The oats have now emerged (at least I hope they are oats and not sprouted grass seed!). The peas (Green Feast and Red Flowering) are starting to break through the soil and the Asian greens are ready for eating, along with the cauliflower and broccoli. The maize is continuing to struggle on and some of the cobs are looking promising, although it must be hard for them just now.

I also took a couple of photos of my fur-children and have posted them in the sidebar. They love being out in the garden with me and are great companions.

love and light


molly said...

Hey NW.....that is definately oats you have going there, don't worry lol.

Your cats are gorgeous. We must have got the sun you were missing, spent about 8 hours in sunshine with a gorgeous breeze. I find I work far better in the cold, the summer sees me wilting LOL!


TheCrone said...

Oh you've been starving B & R! They look like you've had them on the Jenny Craig diet!

Big hugs from me to the boys :)

naturewitch said...

Ah, the tricks of photography - be assured that both boys are as fat as ever! But I was impressed with how the top shot of B made him look so (relatively) svelte! The haven't quite got their full winter coats yet, so will fluff up a little soon.


Cheryl said...

Beautiful cats, very handsome.

Your veggies are looking great.....I have often read about moon gardening, but have never tried it.